Two Powers

V. Two Powers

Two Powers…how do I write about something that is so personally felt…and as being a thing that is felt, how does one describe it?  Challenging to say the least.  Two Powers is both a meditation technique, and it is a pair of energies.  I do not think that I am alone in saying that the Sky energy is one that most of us experience initially in our first steps at meditation.  Anyone who has used a guided meditation tape or CD where one listens to a disembodied voice that guides you through the meditation will likely have experienced drawing the light energy down to them, filling them with that pure brilliant light.  It can be described as “light energy” as “divine energy” and it seems to come from above, comes down and fills one from the top down with a sense almost electrical in feel.  It is Yang, positive and bright. It gives one a feeling of protection and of peace. As it can be felt as being drawn from above, in ADF circles, we call it “Sky energy”

Earth energy, this is something new to me since joining ADF.  I first felt it during a meditation led by Rev. Kirk Thomas at a study group meeting in Portland Oregon.  Since then I’d initially had trouble bringing it forth myself.  I found that if I was near water, like the lake I like to go meditate at, it was easier for me to sense and so easier to be able to pull up.  From there I learned to be able to find it through the water flowing in my 50 gallon aquarium at home, and then finally, I have learned to be able to pull it at will when I meditate from the earth.  It took a lot of work for me to connect to this energy but it was well worth it.

Earth energy is yin energy, regressive and dark.  Rather than descending to one it ascends from below, like the sludge deep under the earth, thus we call it “Earth energy.”   It is like a fertile stew.  Together, the Sky and Earth energies, the Light and Dark, bring a balance and centering to one’s self and because of this, it can be a meditation all by itself, or as a lead in to a deeper meditation.  It can be an important part to centering one before a ritual, and in personal practice it is like a key that opens a door to trance experiences. Medically, since beginning a regular practice in using the Two Powers meditation I have found my ADHD to be far more in control than it has been without it.

How does one go about doing the Two Powers meditation?  While I could describe other people’s techniques, the purpose of this essay is to determine if I understand it and so I will describe my own method.  I can be sitting quietly, sitting comfortably and sitting still, stilling my mind and relaxing my body, or I can be sitting comfortably doing something physically repetitive like crocheting stitch after stitch after stitch, or I can be on the treadmill walking a brisk pace (which with my short frame is a mere 3.3 mph), and with all three of these methods there is a rhythm involved that synchronizes with my breathing.  If I am sitting, either still or crocheting I initiate the meditation with rhythmic deep breathing.  If I am on the treadmill then the deep rhythmic breathing is already syncing with my pace pattern.

Once my rhythm is established, I empty my mind and concentrate on visualization of drawing my own energy down like roots, sinking into the earth energy, into the world’s cosmic soup and digging deep to the dark slowly churning energy.  I will that energy to draw up through my roots, and feel it creeping up through my legs and connecting with each of my chakras from the bottom up till the regressive energy fills me.  Now, I have mentioned that I am slightly hyperactive, more HD than ADHD, so internally I am wired with many shiny marbles that like to ping about within me without much order or control and I have to work at calming them down and keeping them focused. I know I am successful in drawing the Earth Energy when those marbles within me slow, as though mud has seeped in between them and calmed them down, settled and grounded them, grounded me.  When this is complete, I can feel the quiet within, the thoughts stop, order is restored from the chaos.  This, I suppose, is where I differ from others.  I have read that they consider Earth Energy one of Chaos.  For me, it stills and quiets the Chaos that is within me.

Next, I direct my personal energy upward, feel the divine light above me, Sky energy, and draw the electrical impulse down to me.  It fills my crown chakra and slowly descends through me and into the rest of my chakras, mingling with the Earth energy that is already now imbedded there.  I also understand that for some the two energies twist, and the two energies feel quite separate.  For me they are separate until all at once there is an instant where they merge, unite, and when that happens, I feel a bright flash shoot with blinding light across a horizontal axis.  In its wake the horizontal axis shimmers like bright sunlight on the surface of water.  Because of this, of the three realms of earth, sea and sky, I see earth below, sea at the midpoint and sky above.  This is contrary to what I’ve read of other’s work, where in most others see water below earth as in a sacred well.  I have tried to reconcile this, and have tried to work it to agree with other’s vision of those three realms, but it just does not work with me, and this Two Powers meditation is why.  When Earth and Sky meet within me, there is always that flash across the horizontal axis of the Sea and when that is complete, the next energy I feel is vertically.  I sense myself becoming a vertical conduit, touching earth and sky like a tree, I become the tree and I feel myself connecting the two, reaching deep below and reaching high above.

Once all these things happen, one of two things happens.  In one instance, a sense of deep calm envelopes me, there is a deep but comfortable emptiness where all the stress and worries disappear, my mind remains stilled and inactive as it basks in a peaceful emptiness.  In the second instance, I will have, hmm, what shall I call it?  A trance experience?  Perhaps it is best described as “an altered state.”  My spirit guides come to teach me when I am in this state. When I find myself completely emptied, the “other side” is there to show me things, things I’ve recorded in my “Meditation and Mental Training” journal.

It is this second instance, when the altered state occurs, that I find the Two Powers particularly important to ritual.  Without feeling the presence of that alternate reality that is achieved with the altered state the Two Powers brings me to, then ritual for me would be no more than a bland dance of going through the motions and ritualistic hand waving.  For me, there would be no power behind it. But when I can step through that veil, the power to a rite is at its most satisfying.

If I have gotten anything out of my studies in this Dedicant Program, the most important I think is the Two Powers.  Were I forced to walk away from my home shrine, to give up my nature walks, to lose all that I have or do as an ADF druid or a spiritual being, I could still continue to practice and feel my connection to the universe as long as I have the ability to draw the Two Powers and to meditate. With the Two Powers, I have that altered state that tunes into whatever one would call their psychic connection, be it the deep subconscious mind, the Spirit Teachers, the Kindred, or the Collective Conscious without alcohol, drugs, hypnosis, or any outside factors or influences.  The Two Powers over and above all else, is the greatest gift that the ADF has taught me.


~ by Spider Lily on August 29, 2010.

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