COoR Beads

There was some talk on the Dedicant’s “lists” (an email forum) about creating something like prayer beads and COoR (Core Order of Ritual) beads.  Now we don’t chant, so I don’t see the need for prayer beads like Catholics or Buddhists.  What we do have is a lengthy ritual liturgy.

Now this was a daunting thing for me when I was first learning the COoR.  Tooooo complicated, and it seemed so much like the theater of Catholic rites for a long time for me…until suddenly it hit me that I was making it all too complicated.  The COoR can be as long and intricate or as simple and brief as one’s own needs dictates.  In fact, I now use this order for meditation and trance, placing the trance-work in the “work to be done” step.

Anyway…I had this idea in creating my personal COoR beads with charms to represent the steps, such as a charm of a wine bottle for the offering step, etc.  I think I actually got a “brilliant!” from MJD which made me kind of giddy.

So I went to a store I’d been meaning to go to for a long time, Bead City, with a diagram of what the steps were so I could look for charms to represent them. I brought them home and laid them out. I divided the steps into sections: commencement, building energy, making use of the energy and main offerings, energy decline, and closing with each of these sections divided with a large red bead.  I used small spacer beads between the charms.

Now I’m a little annoyed with myself because I forgot to put spacer beads between the “Shining One’s” charm and the large section bead. I’m going to have to fix that some time.  It’s not all that large either, the finished product, a bit bigger than a bracelet and I can carry it easily in a robe pocket.

Next project, I want to apply this to a wristlet of charms for the Nine Virtues.


~ by Spider Lily on August 30, 2010.

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