Elven Watercolor

I have a thing about webbing this reality with the one that is unseen, like looking not quite at someone in order to see their aura surrounding the edge of them.  Some of these people I see looking a bit different than we see them in reality, and quite often I see them in elven form.

My Daughter#2 is one of those.  In this life she was “born behind the veil” or born with her amniotic sac membrane covering her.  It’s supposed to indicate a psychic child.  She was the one daughter of my four daughters that was able to see nature spirits, name them, tell me what color their hair and clothing was.  Daughter #2 had a long term friendship with a nature spirit she called “Pixel”.  Another peculiarity of this child is she was born with violet eyes.  They stayed lavender to violet until after she was two years old, and would appear quite vivid whenever I’d dress her in blue.  As she aged they faded to blue but it wouldn’t surprise me if they became more lavender as she re-tunes herself to the psychic abilities she once had.

Honestly, I think she closed her empathic and extra sensory talents off subconsciously because with them she also is haunted by terrible “night terrors” that have plagued her since early infancy.

Daughter #2 is a grown woman now, so when I did a watercolor painting of this daughter, I had to give her elven ears and those lavender eyes.   This was done with water color pencils and wet-brushed on Strathmore paper.


~ by Spider Lily on August 30, 2010.

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