Next Steps

So now that I’ve finished my DP and having taken the summer off, it’s time for me to get back to studies with the fall.  I have a really strong pull to Clergy, I really want to do this, enter the Clergy Training Program (CTP) and I’ve sent in my Vocational Essay.  But will I get accepted?  I’m leaving it to wiser hands, to those  making the decision and to Brigit and Danu to guide my destiny to where they think best.

In the mean time, well in comparing the CTP and the Inititate Program and the General Studies, there are a few classes that show up in the first level of each program, that being Liturgy 1, Divination 1, Indo-Europeon Language 1, Indo-Europeon Mythology 1, and Magic 1.  So if I start studying any of those it will apply to whatever course I end up getting accepted to.  So I’ve downloaded Liturgy 1.

Also,  good news, while I was doing the DP, my SO (significant other) was very supportive, did a lot of looking over my shoulder and showing a genuine interest in my studies and my philosophy.  He’s interested in joining my path.  He is not interested in the studious part, but he is interested in the earth religion, in Druidry.  We have placed a libation stone in our garden.  And I asked if he’d like to join me should I travel to celebrate High Day with a group of others and he said yes.  I asked if he wanted a tunic or tabard to wear and he chose a dark forest green so I made his tabard today.  All that is left to do with it is the hem.  The arms holes are nice and very large so he can wear warm clothes under the tabard.

Mine is next.  I am making a long, floor length tabard and will also make it large enough to wear over warmer clothing.  Mine will be red to honor the guardian spirit that has been with me since I was 7.  Well he’s probably been around since before that but I didn’t see him before I was 7 that I can remember.

Also on tap, going to make my first batch of mead in a couple of weeks, and I have on my list of things to do the re-writing of how I created my COoR beads for maybe next Spring’s Oak Leaves.  And I still have not signed up for a dance class yet.  With the decision to not continue ballet down south as I’d been doing with my daughter and granddaughter (leaving work early each week to make the long drive down has become too difficult with having a co-worker struck with a sudden serious illness) I need to find a local place and I am trying to decide between my usual ballet, or take something new like Zumba, belly dancing with some of the other women in the family up here that have an interest, or if I should take Tai Chi instead with my SO as he has an interest in that.

All of this, however, will have to wait until after next weekend.  Warrior Dash is coming up, Sunday, September 12th.     (


~ by Spider Lily on September 5, 2010.

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