Spiritual Short and Long Term Goals

So…I’m in my 50’s, what are my goals for the rest of my life?

Short term: More immediately, as of last night I have started Rev. Jesse Olson’s online course, Cosmology and Liturgy.  I think it will be extremely helpful with Liturgy 1, which is required in all three fields of whatever my next course of study turns out to be.  I still have my fingers and all my toes crossed for CTP, because I want to train for that so darn badly I can even feel my Kindred hopping up and down over it.  Regardless….be it CTP, IP or General studies, I want to start with Liturgy 1.  Also, I have to say that a lot of the online chats and classes usually start before I can even get home from work here on the Pacific Coast, not to mention that I also need a cushion of time to get home after work in case we have an emergency surgery that runs late.  This class of Cosmology & Liturgy, however, is so perfectly doable on day and time, it’s like it was put there specifically for people with my schedule.

I had printed out ADF: Course Materials, Liturgy 1 and I am going down to a copy place today (since my printer is acting up) and will print out Ancient Symbols, Modern Rites:
A Core Order of Ritual Tutorial for Ar nDraiocht Fein
and put them both in binders for study between surgeries.

Long Term:  I know myself pretty damn well at this point in my life.  I have tried many flavors of neo-paganism along with some non-pagan paths, and in the “honeymoon stage” they all seem so wonderful when newly embraced.  But over the years of this spiritual exploration I’ve learned to listen to the “niggling wiggle” of “hmmm, that might become a splinter” in that spiritual path.  With Druidry, ADF Druidry in particular, the splinter was the theater of ritual.  It was still a bit of a splinter during my DP and during this summer that splinter not only wiggled it’s way out, but a lightbulb went on and I fell in love with the COoR.  So..that is why in the short term the first course I am embracing is Liturgy 1.  In the long term…I’m ready to commit to no longer being a solitary.

We need a study group here on my side of the Columbia River.  Vancouver, Battle Ground, Camas, Woodland area.  This space between Portland and Seattle, sitting on the border of the great Gifford Pinchot Forest is where the Noble Ones of the Kindred reside in what I consider to be my home area.  It may start small, it may stay small or it may grow, but I’ve been called, felt a calling, to “gather the ducks.”  If I don’t take that step, nothing will happen, the Kindred can do nothing if I don’t cooperate in the direction they are tugging me towards.

So I’ve contacted someone that I believe is an extraordinary font of organization and resources.  I’ve also noticed that Wishing Well has gone out of business, which is where I thought to secure a place for a public study group to be held, so today I will go to the new store in its place and see if is a business like its predecessor and can rent out space.  If not then I will look go to Hazel Dell and check out the cost of using a room at Celestial Awakenings.

Long term, I’m going to spend the rest of my life as an ADF Druid, and I’d like to help others in the neo-pagan community here discover what we are about.  It may take a while before the Spider gets Stubborn Goat to carry her up that mountain, but once Goat decides to climb it, it’s  a pretty much a done deal.


~ by Spider Lily on September 8, 2010.

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