Adrenaline in Two Parts

Part one: Well Warrior Dash is over, that was a big goal for me.  It’s a fun but grueling event, 3.1 mile run up a lot of very steep hills and getting oneself over many military like obstacles (  A lot of people dress up for it, warrior and viking gear, prom queens, Mario and Luigi, you name it, there were costumes.  Now us, we have a family member in Iraq.  She’s my S.O’s (significant other’s) ex wife, mother of the teen living with us till she gets back from Iraq, and she’s the step-mother to my S.O.’S  four kids.  So, since becoming part of his family, I consider her part of my family too.  I wanted to support her over in Iraq, our warrior away from home, so we all wore t-shirts from her unit over there in Iraq (807 Medical Command).  Now there may be some that don’t understand why I want to support my S.O’s ex wife.  I’m just not built around having jealousies and negative feelings towards people for things.  I wholeheartedly support this woman as a fellow fighter in life and a part of my life.  So I presented the Warrior Dash to her ex (my SO), her kids and step kids that we should do this as her warriors in support of her.  It’s tough, being over there and away from home.  It was a good event to do together as a family and show our support for her, that she’s loved and missed.

So we did the Warrior Dash, all of us completed the course, got insanely muddy, and then partied to a live band, steins of beer and barbecued turkey legs.  Physically I am recuperated, mentally I will begin hitting the treadmill again as of next Monday, and this time around I’m also going to work more on those damn hills.  There’s a really steep access road at Lacamas Lake that I’m going to employ when I start training for next year’s Warrior Dash.

Now part two of Adrenaline…my CTP application has moved from discussion to voting.  Part of me is ready for whatever their decision comes down to, and I’m prepared for whatever their decision is because I’ve started working on a study course that is found across all three programs (Clergy, Initiate, and General Studies) with Liturgy 1.  I’ve also started Rev Jessie Olson’s online Cosmology and Liturgy class and I attend on Tuesday nights.  It dovetails very nicely with the Liturgy 1.  And on top of that, it will be good experience for me to give my SO a beginner overview of the COoR this Autumn Equinox as he’s shown an interest in learning it and attending a rite.  But back to Clergy training, I so deeply believe that this is the direction I was meant to be.  I’ve been heavily spiritual since that event that happened when I was 7 years old.  No matter where I’ve been in my life, no matter what I’ve been through, everything has been experienced on a firm foundation of spiritual beliefs, the right to others having their unique spiritual beliefs.  I am an emotionally strong, determined and resolute woman and I’ve been the rock for so many people needing help pulling themselves up.  It just seems to be my job in life, pulling people up, lending strength and teaching them where to find their own strengths.


~ by Spider Lily on September 17, 2010.

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