Cosmology and Liturgy

Liturgy…the one and only thing that gave me trouble during my DP course.  I’m not bragging here, I have faults and weaknesses like everyone else, study isn’t one of them.  Talk to me about finances and putting trust in the wrong men, huge fail for me.  Talk to me about my demophobia (also known as ochlophobia), but study and writing?  It’s not really a huge challenge for me.  The liturgy though gave me trouble because I internally struggled so hard against it being too complicated, too much like Catholic theater, when I was trying to simplify my life, not add more complications.

So I finished that DP, and then started taking Rev. Jessie Olson’s online course, “Cosmology and Liturgy.”  Damn.  I wish I’d taken this DURING the DP course, seriously.  If you are working on your DP, I HIGHLY recommend taking this course.  It’s only an hour every Tuesday night (7pm Pacific time/10 Eastern.).  She doesn’t give a lot of homework, it’s honestly easy, but it really helps understanding our Liturgy.  It’s 26 weeks and you don’t have to wait until it starts again.  I didn’t.  I started at week 15, more than halfway through the course.  It’s cyclical so you can jump in anytime and catch the part that you missed as it cycles back around.  Just go here —>  then “follow” or friend Jessie so she can set you up so that when you go to the class you can see the slides. You can see what classes she’s had at:  Once you are on her “follow list” you will get emails to links to the classes.

Since we in ADF are united in orthopraxy rather than dogma, then understanding the liturgy is important, at least I think so.  Try it.  You don’t have to commit if you’re worried about that.  Just try it.  If you are working on the DP course, it really is a big help.


~ by Spider Lily on September 20, 2010.

4 Responses to “Cosmology and Liturgy”

  1. I was planning on starting the Cosmology and Liturgy class when it restarted; I think Rev. Jessie said it was going to restart in November. If it isn’t too confusing to jump in the middle though, I might give it a try.

    I have to admit that I like complex rituals. As a newcomer to ADF I am feeling overwhelmed by the new order of ritual though. I thought I was going to try to do an ADF style ritual for Lughnasagh, but I felt overwhelmed by all the new stuff.

  2. Thanks for the heads up about Rev. Jessie Olson’s online course, “Cosmology and Liturgy.” I’m going to check into it and see whether I can access the recordings after the fact. My days off rotate so weekly classes are impossible, unfortunately.

    • Ya know, Jessie pointed out last night that it’s not important for anyone to attend every class, but they can attend sporadically. Each class does not build on the previous one, and being cyclical, you can pick up what you missed the next time around. I think she built it that way because she likely realizes life happens when we least expect it and it’s a long course. Any class you can pick up though when your time allows, I still highly recommend, you don’t need to feel you are letting anyone down if you miss some classes. And the classes you do miss, yes she has the slides for them you can back track on after you miss it. It really is an ideal type of class for busy people that can’t commit to being there each and every time and it’s really worth it, especially I think for solitarys because she shows clips of actual ADF rituals being performed, clips of what portion of the liturgy the class is focusing on that week, so you get to see actual examples to discuss and compare.

      • That sounds great! I’ll check it out. I won’t be off this Tuesday but I will the next one.

        Thanks 🙂

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