Autumn Equinox

First day of my favorite season, and it’s a special one, Super Harvest Moon.  Apparently it only happens every 20 years that Autumn Equinox in the northern hemisphere happens with a full moon and the sky is supposed to be spectacular tonight!  (

Today I also started the day working for the first time as a volunteer in the dental van for the free dental clinic with Dr. H today.  He and I will be donating our time quarterly to extract teeth and any other minor oral surgeries they need performed that can be done with only local anesthesia.  Being a portable clinic, it doesn’t have the facilities for IV and General sedation like we do at my regular job.  It was rewarding, so I signed up to continue it.  I’ve also offered to help another surgeon that volunteers there too occasionally if he is ever scheduled on a Wednesday.  I work four 10 hr days at my regular job at the oral/periodontic surgery clinic with Wednesday and the weekends off, so Wednesdays are the best day for me to volunteer. It’s also the day I will put in the most time towards getting a study group started in my area.  Now that I found my final path in life, it’s time for me to open my family/solitary religious practices to a larger fellowship.  It’s time for me to give back and serve.  I’d sung my prayer on the way into my volunteer shift and again on the way home. Oh, and I had to stop and pick up ribbon to finish my ceremonial scapular.  I’m very happy with the way it’s turning out.

Coming home, I performed my High Day rite.  I am firmly entrenched in using ADF style now.  The omens were positive and I have no doubt that I am an ADF druid for the next three or four decades or whenever death takes me.  I’m so glad it’s finally Autumn, my favorite time of year.  It also marks when I need to get out in the yard and finish getting it ready before Samhain or the Pookah will start with the tricks and practical jokes.   Ooh, I need to get some apple cider, it’s also the time of the year for one of my favorite drinks…

Barn Burner: Hot apple cider, a shot of Capt. Morgan’s Spiced Rum and stirred with a cinnamon stick


~ by Spider Lily on September 22, 2010.

2 Responses to “Autumn Equinox”

  1. Barn burner! That sounds fantastic – it’s made from three of my favorite ingredients, lol.

    This is also my favorite time of the year. Cooling temperatures, changing foliage, shorter days, and my birthday! HA! 🙂

    Good job with the volunteering. There are a lot of folks out there who need dental care but can’t affird it. Have a great week!

    -J Lucas

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