Ceremonial Scapular

I’ve been working on my ceremonial clothing after I’d finished my S.O.’s tunic.  I wanted something longer, more feminine, but I wanted it big enough to wear over street clothing if the weather was cold enough to need bundle up under the garb, so I went with a Scapular.

There’s something about the Scapular style that feels very familiar to me, important for some reason though there is no memory of every having one before in this lifetime so perhaps I wore one in another life.  Who knows?

My colors are red and gold, so of course this is what I went with.  I’d really like to get a hold of or make an ADF patch to sew over such garments.  It has about 3 yrds of trim, 8 yards of fabric, the bodice is fully interfaced and lined.  Twenty-four grommets and 6 yards of gold tie for the sides.  The pictures below show some of the detail.  In the background is some of my artwork (except for a ballerina print of someone else’s sculpture).

So hemming is next and then it’s done, ready for Samhain.


~ by Spider Lily on September 27, 2010.

One Response to “Ceremonial Scapular”

  1. Gorgeous work, lovely, thanks for sharing

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