The Morrigu

It’s only now that my home life is finally settled after too many years of bad situations that I have become closer to Brigit.  Through the tumultuous upheavals of my life, it has been The Morrigan and my friend Fafnyr that has bolstered my backbone and kept me from sinking beyond despair.   I would not have survived without them.  Of my four daughters, I named one of them Morrigan Dahlia after Her and from then on we referred to my Matron as Morrigu to differentiate Her from my daughter Morrigan.

So with Samhain approaching, I was inspired to do something special to prepare for this year’s offering.  For Morrigu, who has been my strength, my courage, She who has blessed me with a warrior’s stubborn refusal to roll over and die, it is for Her that I have created this art piece.  It’s a 3D art composition created with a software program called Poser7.  Credit for plug-ins used go to V4, Adiene, DM, and RPublishing.

This art piece, created by me for Morrigu will be printed, rolled, and offered to flame in thanks to Her on this Samhain, 2010.


The Morrigu



~ by Spider Lily on October 14, 2010.

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