Well I did it, I turned in my Liturgy 1 after doing some final edits.  Those final edits are not reflected here on this blog yet since there may be more changes in the process of being reviewed, should more be needed  in order to meet the exit standards they are looking for.

Now for my soapbox.  In the last paragraph of this course I stated something, “I’ve been religious my whole life but without a religion.”  Let’s examine this.  I’ve spent the whole of my lifetime seeking, researching, investigating many different paths (never mastering an understanding in any of them, mind you) and each time finding something not quite right.  Then I’ve weighed if that thing was enough to send me seeking another path.

I have finally found that one path where there are no wiggly-niggly things that just didn’t set right, and that is here on the path of ADF.  Now looking back on those statements, I realized something else.  I’ve spent quite a lot of time on a soapbox defending the rights of others to follow their own paths.  I’ve also spent a lot of time scowling at evangelists that try to manipulate people into following their paths like politicians trying to garner supporters.

Religion is not politics (at least it shouldn’t be.)  It’s not a popularity contest.  It’s not something that should be used to “fear” someone into following a certain dogma.  There is no one right religion for the masses.  It’s a personal thing from person to person, that relationship  between each spirit and their God or Gods.

It doesn’t matter what name a person gives to their God.  It doesn’t matter what name they give their religion.  Everyone has a right to follow their chosen path, what’s right for them, it’s my particular soapbox.  It’s really quite amazing how many people I’ve been in contact with in my life who felt that the mainstream religion wasn’t right for them, but rather than seeking what path IS right for them, they felt they would meet with less harrassment and be better accepted by their family and peers if they just give up and not have a religious faith alltogether.  They gave up on having a spiritual relationship altogether with God rather than upset the apple carts of those friends and family who were mainstream because they were afraid to do anything else.

So of course, being the instigator that I am…I’ve spent a great deal of time suggesting they do otherwise, giving encouragement and nudges to paths for them to investigate that might give them some joy based on where our conversations have gone in our different ideologies.

I am not an evangelist or recruiter for my path. I’ve been an instigator to give others courage to seek what path works best for them.  This is very, very important to me, that people have that freedom and aren’t afraid to seek a path less traveled if there’s a chance they might find a path that is right for them.


~ by Spider Lily on October 24, 2010.

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