Racked the Second Batch

My first batch was very sweet, very concentrated, and thus very potent.  I got a lot of compliments on it, and it is very yummy, but to my taste it is more like a sweet cordial, something one sips in a fancy tiny glass.  So I gave Luana a bottle of it and Shannon, and I have bottle of this Honey Cordial stashed for Sam.

I went to the brewing supply house and discussed the problems we had with the zork corks leaking and he found a solution for me.  We need to soak the corks in hot water to make the plastic more malleable so the tear-offs don’t split when we pound them down.  The owner there is very nice, gave me three corks free just because of the trouble I’d had so now I have new corks.  I’ve uncorked the remaining bottles and poured them into a 5 gallon covered glass container to finish racking and then when the sediment drops, I will siphon the mead out to collect only the clear mead for the bottles. I will draw off a bottle of this for the White Elephant gift for work’s Xmas party and wait to bottle the rest later.

My second batch is ready to rack and upon taste test I’ve decided that while that first batch was too sweet, this second back is less concentrated and more bitter ( I expect because this second recipe had me putting the oranges in with the peels where the first batch and recipe did not), so I racked off a gallon of it into the too sweet batch to even it out. The remaining three gallons of the racked 2nd batch I expect to turn out a lot drier.  They’re racking off in fresh plastic gallon jugs with balloons.

Plans for my third batch are going to be to use real wine yeast instead of bread yeast to reduce sediment, I’ll use oranges but no rind, clove, cinnamon stick, a pinch of allspice, pinch of nutmeg, and to this third batch, I’m going to add pears.  As for honey concentration, while that first sweet batch made 3 gallons and the second drier batch made 5 gallons of pre-racked mix to ferment with the same amount of honey for each batch, for the third batch I will split the difference in honey concentration and divide the honey between 4 gallons.


~ by Spider Lily on November 21, 2010.

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