The CTP and its squeeky wheel…

Nothing new really to report.  I’m almost done with History of Neopaganism and Druidry and would have had it done weeks ago but I’m sort of losing my normal ambitious drive to study and excel because the review process is pretty long and painful.  The first course, Liturgy 1, was turned in October 23rd.  It took a couple of weeks before it was even looked at.  It got downloaded for review on November 3rd.  Then it spent a couple of weeks being reviewed.  It was returned for corrections, mostly my inexperience with MLA formatting as I expected, I made corrections and sent it back in only a few days after receiving it back and then I uploaded it back to the submission site on November 20th.  There is more lag time while it sits to get downloaded again to the reviewer, and then it sits there waiting to be reviewed for a few more weeks.  All said and done, it’s taking longer to get the course reviewed than it is to actually study and write up the course.

Am I bitching about it?  I don’t mean to be, but it’s frustrating.  I’d planned on completing my first Clergy circle in 12-19 months.  At this rate, I’m three months into the first course of the program and still have not gotten it through to Approval stage due to the slowwwwww grind to get it reviewed and I can’t turn in any other work until the one that’s submitted is passed and approved through review.   It’s not the study, reading, research and writing that is taking the time in courses of the Clergy Training Program for me, it’s just getting the darn essay questions even looked at to be reviewed.

I could just keep to my planned schedule in my studies and course completions for the program, but then I’m going to end up with 14 courses finished with maybe 3 approved and the other 11 sitting for a year as they are only being processed singly, one course at a time with a couple of months time spent on each of those slowly reviewed over the course of a couple of months each.  Frustration.

I’m definitely used to a faster turn over of work done at collegiate speed with terms and semesters, not spending months on getting 16 essay questions reviewed on a single course within a program.




~ by Spider Lily on December 7, 2010.

2 Responses to “The CTP and its squeeky wheel…”

  1. I got an automatically generated email today. It stated my submission was received on November 20th, today is December 8th, …and my course submission has yet to even be downloaded by the reviewer, let alone be looked at.

    I’m going to make that a double cup of frustration now. My ambition to actively study and work on my courses in a consistent timely manner has gone down the tubes.

    Hmm, or maybe I can just keep to my schedule, stack up all the completed courses that will collect dust waiting to get submitted and graded, and then spend the time it’s taking the reviewer to get through all of them on either local courses here at the community college or maybe some at Cherry Hill Seminary.

    That UCLA course on Magic, Science and Religion was a blast.

  2. Well daaaaamn….a few hours later and I just got notified that my Liturgy 1 has been approved and passed. Eat crow much? I’ll be editing my post now on this blog under Liturgy 1 now that it’s passed with the corretions and condense it into one post rather than separate posts for each essay question.

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