Approaching Solstice

Liturgy 1 is completed and approved.  History of Neopaganism & Druidry is uploaded to the ADF site to be reviewed.  Presents are wrapped.  I’ve got the song written for the performance I’ve instigated with two co-workers for the company holiday party.   I am I’ve two parties to host, Yule this weekend for one side of the family, and Christmas the following weekend for the other side of the family.  Also next weekend, on Saturday morning is the second meeting of the Vancouver Druids at Celestial Awakenings (10am-noon.) Busy, busy girl.

I also worked on a project I’d been mulling around. The “mental discipline” work in the DP was really rather easy for me.  They say that shamans are “called” and become connected to the spirits at an early age because of some trauma.  Maybe the fictitious Luna Lovegood is right, maybe it really is easier to see spirits when you’ve seen death, and I’d seen a lot of death at an early age.  Anyway, I digress again as usual, so cheating…yea mediation is kind of like cheating for me because it’s too easy to call it a discipline.  Meditation and spirit walking isn’t that difficult for me, so it’s cheating for me to call it a “discipline.”

So I thought I’d see if I can spend this next year on a discipline that’s a lot harder for me…art.  I do 3D art compositions, and quite often I spend half the time wanting to beat my head into my keyboard and stab my eyes out with the pen to my Wacom pad.  That being said, for “discipline” work, I’m going to spend this year, just prior to each High Day, creating one of those 3D compositions dedicated to each of those High Days.  It’s for my own good, disciplining myself to do what’s hard for me to do, creating the art pieces with purpose and dedication, and then I can turn any of them over to the Art guild to use (or not use) however they see fit.

My first piece towards this is for Winter Solstice.  Full size can be seen at:


~ by Spider Lily on December 12, 2010.

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