Finished for now…

It’s time for me to take a step backwards, at least for now.  It’s hard for me to put publicly into words what has been bothering me because I dislike drama, but in a nutshell, it’s institution and bureaucracy even in teensy symptoms of a virus that might never manifest.

I’ve been a solitaire pagan for so long, not because I could not find others with similar beliefs because indeed, I have found many.   It’s because I have a deep dislike of feeling like I’m being herded.  And I don’t know how to publicly vent my frustrations without someone, somewhere feeling hurt, taking exception, or otherwise feeling that there is drama being fostered or festered.

So I won’t.

I’m just done.

For now.



~ by Spider Lily on January 19, 2011.

One Response to “Finished for now…”

  1. Sometimes we need to take a step back. Although I’m often frustrated by living far from my grove, I do feel that I have a healthy balance between social and solitary Paganism. Sometimes we need to be on our own to learn and truly feel connected.

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