Turning the Corner

I’ve posted my admission of “History of Paganism and Druidry” to keep an online copy in case I need to find it again if I have a computer hard-drive catastrophe like I had two years ago.  I am not, however, continuing with the course, in fact I believe I am going to step away from ADF all together.

There are some issues that bother me, but I feel it’s extremely inappropriate for me or anyone to get on a public soapbox and have any comments made taken out of context or misconstrued into a warped meaning of the original intent and I do strongly believe that ADF is an important organization.  It is not, however, the right organization for me for the same reasons that other organized religions bother me.

Some folks are of the make-up that religious community is very important to them, and sharing their thoughts and building a group of like-mindedness is good for their need for spiritual fellowship, and that’s where blogs can be a wonderful thing.   It is not, however how I am built.  I am going to continue studying along my spiritual paths, but I really have no egotistical inclinations to inflict my blatherings on other folks, because that’s what they’d be since I am not of the cloth that needs that fellowship.

I wish you good health, good spiritual fellowship, and peace.






~ by Spider Lily on March 20, 2011.

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